Frequently Asked Questions

You may select from the following Profile types:

Basic Profile - Free to non-members of ICC United Kingdom
Enhanced Profile - Free to ICC United Kingdom Members only

Non-members can upgrade from a Basic to Enhanced Profile by either selecting the 10 + VAT monthly subscription or 100 + VAT annual subscription.

Basic Profiles only list the following information about you on the database for users to view: name, company/firm, country of residence, telephone number, specialisms, nationality, languages, arbitration experience (ICC and non-ICC related), legal expertise, other experience, and clerk's contact details.

Basic Profiles do not include a profile image/photo, personal description, or ability for the user to download your CV.

To qualify for an Enhanced profile on the ICC United Kingdom Arbitrator & ADR Database, you must be either a corporate or individual member of ICC United Kingdom or have paid for the upgraded subscription as a non-member.

If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact us at

Yes. Only ICC United Kingdom members are entitled to a free Enhanced Profile. Basic profiles are free to all.

If you are a member of ICC United Kingdom, your profile will stay active for the same duration as your membership. Memberships run on an annual basis from 1 Jan - 31 Dec each year and are automatically renewed unless cancelled in advance of the renewal on 1st January.

If you are a non-member and signed up to the Enhanced Profile monthly subscription, your profile will continue for 1 month from the commencement date (this being the date you completed the online application and payment was processed) and unless terminated will automatically be renewed for a further 1 month upon each anniversary thereafter. Likewise, if you signed up to the Enhanced Profile annual subscription, your profile will renew for 12 months from the commencement date and will automatically renew for a further 12 months upon each anniversary thereafter.

Please view our Terms & Conditions here.

The ICC United Kingdom Arbitrator & ADR Database is made available to everyone. This includes the ICC United Kingdom selections sub-committee who are free to use this additional resource to help determine nominations for ICC International Court of Arbitration cases. However, please note the database is not used in isolation when the ICC United Kingdom selections sub-committee makes nominations to the ICC Court.

We will be proactively promoting the database to our corporate networks, specifically targeting GC's and in-house lawyers seeking arbitrators, counsel, mediators, and experts.

No. Having a Profile on the ICC United Kingdom Arbitrator & ADR Database does not constitute as being "pre-approved" or "vetted" by the ICC - the database is simply a tool to help advertise professionals that are available to provide dispute resolution services.

Click on the "Create a Profile" on the top navigation bar of the homepage, select your chosen profile type, enter your details, then wait for your account to be verified.

The verification process involves the ICC United Kingdom team checking the details you provide as part of the initial online application form are correct. We do this by cross-referencing this with the details held on our CRM database, your company/chamber website and other third-party websites. We promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

Once verified, you will be sent an automated email with login details to start setting up your profile. You have the ability at any stage to publish your profile and make this public.