Ike Ehiribe - Arbitrator, Expert, Mediator

7 Stones Commercial & IP Chambers

Nationality: British
Country of Residence: United Kingdom


My practice in international commercial arbitration and commercial dispute resolution consists mainly of accepting appointments from major international arbitral institutions such as the ICC, LCIA, WIPO, CAS, LMAA, KIAC, CIArb, HKIAC, KLRCA, and DIAC, either as Chairman, Co-arbitrator, Sole Arbitrator, Sole Panelist, Co- Panelist, Mediator or Expert Determiner to resolve high value cross border commercial disputes from Africa, Asia and Europe.

Languages Spoken

Language Level
English Advanced
English Advanced

ICC Arbitration Experience

The number of times I have acted for the ICC as:

Chair of Tribunal: 0
Sole Arbitrator: 1 to 20
Co Arbitrator: 1 to 20
Party's Counsel: 1 to 20
Secretary or Other: 0

Other Arbitration Experience

The number of times I have acted for other Institutions as:

Chair of Tribunal: 1 to 20
Sole Arbitrator: 41+
Co Arbitrator: 1 to 20
Party's Counsel: 0
Secretary or Other: 0

Have I sat as an arbitrator in cases where one party is not represented?: Yes

Legal Expertise

  • Civil law
  • Common law
  • European law
  • International law

Other legal expertise: No

Other Experience

  • Mediation
  • Experts

Other experience: As Expert Determiner, Adjudicator and Conciliator.


  • Agency (representation)
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Employment
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Environment
  • Finance and Banking
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investment
  • Joint Ventures
  • Maritime
  • Purchases
  • Real Estate
  • Sales
  • Transport

Other specialisation: Entertainment & Sports