Stephen Bate - Arbitrator, Mediator

ArbDB Chambers

Nationality: British
Country of Residence: United Kingdom


Stephen Bate is a British citizen, an arbitrator C.Arb. and FCI. Arb. and also a mediator accredited by CEDR and IMI. He has a UK domestic and international commercial arbitration practice: His practice background is as a barrister at the English Bar, with over 25 years' experience in a range of civil and commercial matters. He has conducted well over 150 mediations in domestic and international disputes:

Languages Spoken

Language Level
English Advanced

ICC Arbitration Experience

The number of times I have acted for the ICC as:

Chair of Tribunal: 0
Sole Arbitrator: 0
Co Arbitrator: 0
Party's Counsel: 0
Secretary or Other: 0

Other Arbitration Experience

The number of times I have acted for other Institutions as:

Chair of Tribunal: 1 to 20
Sole Arbitrator: 21 to 40
Co Arbitrator: 1 to 20
Party's Counsel: 1 to 20
Secretary or Other: 0

Have I sat as an arbitrator in cases where one party is not represented?: Yes

Legal Expertise

  • Common law

Other legal expertise: No

Other Experience

  • Mediation


  • Agency (representation)
  • Distribution
  • Information and Communication
  • Intellectual Property
  • Joint Ventures
  • Real Estate
  • Sales

Other specialisation: General commercial contract disputes