Charles Manzoni - Arbitrator, Counsel

39 Essex Chambers

Nationality: British
Country of Residence: United Kingdom


A qualified Engineer and Lawyer. Charles focuses on international litigation and arbitration across a broad spectrum of commercial work. He acts as counsel in London and Hong Kong. He has sat on over 80 cases, of which 50 have been as sole arbitrator or presiding arbitrator. He sits as an arbitrator with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He is a QC in London and an SC in Hong Kong

Languages Spoken

Language Level

ICC Arbitration Experience

The number of times I have acted for the ICC as:

Chair of Tribunal: 1 to 20
Sole Arbitrator: 1 to 20
Co Arbitrator: 1 to 20
Party's Counsel: 41+
Secretary or Other: 0

Other Arbitration Experience

The number of times I have acted for other Institutions as:

Chair of Tribunal: 21 to 40
Sole Arbitrator: 21 to 40
Co Arbitrator: 21 to 40
Party's Counsel: 0
Secretary or Other: 0

Have I sat as an arbitrator in cases where one party is not represented?: Yes

Legal Expertise

  • Common law
  • International law

Other legal expertise: No

Other Experience

  • Mediation
  • Dispute Boards


  • Agency (representation)
  • Competition
  • Consortia
  • Construction
  • Cooperation
  • Engineering
  • Corporate law
  • Distribution
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Finance and Banking
  • Information and Communication
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Joint Ventures
  • Maritime
  • Purchases
  • Real Estate
  • Technologies
  • Transport